Senior Year

Photographing seniors is a little out of my comfort zone, to be honest. On one hand, you don't have to chase them across the grass or play Peek-a-boo to keep them entertained. Yet, sometimes its hard to get a teen to act naturally and be comfortable in front of the camera. 

Emma was a joy to photograph and we had so much fun at her session! As the oldest of 7 kids, it was nice to put the spotlight on her for a bit.

Of course, if I were her parents, I might have to lock up this gorgeous girl for just a few more years before unleashing her personality out in the dating world. I had to remind myself that my own daughter was just a few years younger than Emma and would be entering the dating scene before I knew it. 

I'm hoping to get my camera on those 6 siblings of hers, soon, too! It was a real treat meeting her mom who happens to be a famous blogger AND our travel agent!